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CyberDodo®, the Defender of Life, a universal multimedia ambassador of the Rights of the Child and the Environment

Children Rights
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has assigned CyberDodo the mission to inform and educate on the International Convention on the Rights of the Child

CyberDodo and the Convention (2-1)

CyberDodo is snatched by a mysterious man and taken to meet with the UN’s High Commissioner in Geneva. He is entrusted with the mission of protecting the children.
Published on 2008-10-28

CyberDodo and the Definition of a Child (2-2)

A meeting with his future assistant Balthazar in Geneva. An energetic exchange on the concept of a child and the risks he/she faces in all four corners of the world.
Published on 2008-10-30

CyberDodo and a Child’s Best Interests (2-3)

A Tribunal Hearing, a tentative discussion with the President and CyberDodo is sent to jail. A journey back in time with a dinosaur for a refresher course on the concept of a child’s best interests.
Published on 2009-01-01

CyberDodo and the Implementation of the Convention (2-4)

Taking charge “commando style”; the secret printing of “Convention” bank notes in order to motivate the President to get it implemented, which he will do in the presence of a jubilant crowd.
Published on 2009-04-22

CyberDodo and Parents’ Responsibility in Education (2-5)

Storming a military fort to liberate some children who were enlisted against their will. A confrontation with the General who, as a child, dreamed of becoming a painter…
Published on 2012-10-01

CyberDodo Fights Famine (2-6)

Parachuting into a crocodile infested lake; action against a refugee camp in order to free them; discovery of a death camp full of starving people and their joyful liberation.
Published on 2009-09-11

CyberDodo and Mother’s Milk (2-7)

After a tennis game, CyberDodo participates in a debate on nutrition. One insane business man suggests a pill as food; CyberDodo reminds him that nothing can replace a mother’s milk
Published on 2009-10-05

CyberDodo Defends the Rights of Children to have a Name (2-8)

Lost in a big city, CyberDodo discovers 3 children without families who live in the slum He listens to them and is profoundly touched, and he helps them recover their identities.
Published on 2010-01-04

CyberDodo Defends the Rights of Children to Live with their Parents (2-9)

After a thrilling speleological expedition, CyberDodo realizes that the 3 children accompanying him no longer see their families. CyberDodo is going to reestablish family ties.
Published on 2009-12-21

CyberDodo Defends the Right to Reunite Families (2-10)

While out for stroll, CyberDodo discovers a family that has been separated by war. In accordance with the Agreement, he will allow them to reunite.
Published on 2010-08-16
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