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CyberDodo®, the Defender of Life, a universal multimedia ambassador of the Rights of the Child and the Environment

Children Rights
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has assigned CyberDodo the mission to inform and educate on the International Convention on the Rights of the Child

CyberDodo Fights Against Child Abduction (2-11)

A little girl has been kidnapped by her father; after a difficult struggle with a bodyguard, CyberDodo will help her get back to her mother.
Published on 2009-07-15

CyberDodo Defends the Right to Speak in Court (2-12)

CyberDodo has been informed that 2 brothers were barred form expressing themselves in court during their parents’ divorce. He intervenes, unwittingly angering the President, and fixes the situation.
Published on 2009-08-22

CyberDodo Commits to the Freedom of Speech, Thoughts and Opinions (2-13)

During a demonstration CyberDodo is detained and threatened with torture. The President intervenes and tries to buy CyberDodo’s silence, who accepts in exchange for the implementation of the Agreement.
Published on 2009-05-03

CyberDodo Commits to the Right to Personal Privacy (2-14)

A country opens the correspondence of its citizens. Asked by a child to come and help, CyberDodo sends himself by mail and discovers the truth… He comes back again in a flying saucer…
Published on 2010-02-01

CyberDodo Defends the Importance of the Media (2-15)

Sitting in a TV studio, CyberDodo has the instinct to distribute cameras to the children of the world so that they can film the abuses they are being subjected to.
Published on 2008-12-08

CyberDodo Fights Abusive Treatment (2-16)

CyberDodo meets a young girl who has been hospitalized after her father beats her. With the help of Balthazar, he will ‘‘convince” the father to change his behavior and to be a protector of children from now on.
Published on 2009-06-04

CyberDodo Commits to a Child’s Rights in the Event that he is put under the Jurisdiction of the State (2-17)

Alerted by a pigeon friend, CyberDodo will help a child who has been placed in an institution to have his case reexamined and his situation markedly improved.
Published on 2012-04-01

CyberDodo Fights for the Rights Governing Adoption Practices (2-18)

CyberDodo interviews people hoping to adopt a child. He discovers that one couple is simply looking for cheap labor, and sends the boy to a loving couple.
Published on 2010-04-05

CyberDodo Defends the Rights of Refugee Children (2-19)

CyberDodo discovers that some refugee children have no rights at the camp. After some new adventures, he will manage to convince the director to respect them.
Published on 2012-06-01

CyberDodo Fights for the Rights of Disabled Children (2-20)

CyberDodo meets a disabled child in a wheelchair. After believing at first that it was a game, he comes to understand the situation and will explain to him that he has the same rights as able children
Published on 2008-12-03
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